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Chords Training

Ear Training Pro has a range of chord training exercises to help you learn music theory.

Starting at the beginner level with major and minor triads, the exercises move onto inversions, seventh and ninth chords. Exercises are changed slighly each time you do them, so you can practise without having the same questions over and over.

    Beginner level
  • Major and Minor Chords Try it
  • Chord Progressions with Triads (Major Keys)
  • Chord Progressions with Triads (Minor Keys)
  • Intermediate level
  • Major Chords First Inversion
  • Major Chords Second Inversion
  • Suspended Second and Fourth Chords
  • Chord Progressions with First Inversion
  • Major and Minor Ninth Chords
  • Augmented and Dominant Ninth Chords
  • Chord Progressions in C Major
  • Major Broken Chords First Inversion
  • Advanced level
  • Triads - Major, Minor, Augmented and Diminished
  • Chord Identification
  • Ninth Chords
  • Major and Minor Seventh Chords
  • Diminished and Half-Diminished Seventh Chords
  • Augmented and Dominant Seventh Chords
  • Major and Augmented Major Seventh Chords
  • Seventh Chords
  • Chord Progressions with Inversions