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Interval Training

Intervals are the foundation for most of music theory, and Ear Training Pro has plenty of training exercises to help you master them.

Exercises based around a few small intervals give beginner level musicians an easy introduction to indentifying intervals be ear, and can build up to identify intervals on a major or minor scale. This is a great skill to have when transcribing songs and takes the guess work out of playing songs by ear.

From there it's only a small jump to identifying any interval on a chromatic scale, either by name or in semitones. Advanced musicians can then move on to identifying intervals between notes played together, which is a core skill in identifying the notes and structure of chords.

    Beginner level
  • Major Thirds and Fifths Try it
  • Intervals - Major Scale
  • Intervals - Minor Scale
  • Major Intervals Up to a Perfect Fifth
  • Intermediate level
  • Intervals in Semitones
  • Intervals - Chromatic Scale
  • Intervals - Major Scale with Intervals Up and Down
  • Intervals - Minor Scale with Intervals Up and Down
  • Intervals - Chromatic Scale with Intervals Up and Down
  • Advanced level
  • Intervals - Minor Scale, played together
  • Intervals - Major Scale, played together
  • Intervals - Chromatic Scale, played together